Podion delivers AV Solutions
for your clients, today and into the future.

For over three decades, Podion has collaborated with Audio-visual professionals (integrators, suppliers, designers) to provide innovative, high-quality, and customizable AV furniture for their client’s educational, corporate, and event venues.

Our established track record of partnership and focus on innovation guarantees unparalleled quality and support.

As the preferred provider for top universities globally, we continually surpass stringent selection standards, giving you the confidence in choosing Podion for your next client project.

Podion is trusted by AV professionals worldwide.
Why AV Professionals Choose Podion
State-of-the Art AV Integration

Podion lecterns set the benchmark for integrating AV equipment.

Modern metal designs feature AV racks that securely house devices, advanced cable management for a tidy, professional look, and ventilation for optimal operation. Spacious work surfaces keep peripherals accessible and organized.

Easy access panels and flexible configurations ensure future technology upgrades, providing long-term value.

Easy Installation and Servicing

Our lecterns feature removable worktops, side panels, base covers, sliding rack trays, and secure lockable logo panels, making installation straightforward for AV integrators.

Accessibility points ensure ongoing maintenance can be performed quickly and efficiently without disrupting the setup.

Superior Build Quality

Constructed from premium materials, Podion lecterns offer stability, strength, and aesthetic appeal, providing a reliable platform for all presentation needs.

Engineered for daily use, they maintain their visual and functional integrity over time.

Guaranteed User Satisfaction

Podion lecterns ensure your clients’ satisfaction with ergonomic and functional designs.

Adjustable heights and ample workspace enhance comfort and productivity. Instant connectivity and intuitive controls allow presenters to focus on their delivery. Wheelchair-accessible designs ensure inclusivity, catering to all users.

Designed to meet end-user needs, our lecterns empower presenters and provide a positive experience for every presentation.

Customizable Solutions

Podion offers a variety of paint and wood finishes to seamlessly complement different room aesthetics. Incorporate client logos and digital displays to enhance brand identity.

Customize connectivity panels, AV equipment, modular add-ons, specialized storage solutions, and accessories to meet each client’s unique technological requirements.

Bespoke Tailored Design Services

At Podion, we create fully customized design solutions to meet your clients’ unique needs.

Our experienced design team works directly with AV professionals to conceptualize and engineer bespoke designs from scratch. Through close collaboration, we ensure a thorough understanding of your vision, combining creativity and technical expertise.

Our tailored approach guarantees a perfect fit for any project, industry, or scale.

Competitive Pricing and Value

Podion lecterns are competitively priced, providing excellent value without compromising on quality or features.

Take advantage of our bulk purchase discounts to maximize your budget and offer competitive pricing to your clients.

We look forward to supporting your success in delivering high-quality AV solutions to your clients.

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