Monash University is at the forefront for creating learning environments that make learning and social collaboration inspiring, stimulating and productive.

Monash University approached Podion to collaboratively design and manufacture the technical furniture for their new learning spaces. Together, they generated a variety of designs, 3D renders and working prototypes. The prototypes were put through a thorough testing process before the final designs were put into production.

Together, Podion and Monash University developed

Teacher’s Touchdown Points for small teaching spaces to encourage teachers to walk around the classroom to interact with students.
Split Lecterns to keep the lecturer walking side to side to hold students attention
Map tables to provide a point of interaction with students in large scale lecture theaters
Mobile computer stands for collaborative learning in small groups.

The Touchdown Point is a new essential component for Monash University. It provides a touchdown point for teachers to begin teaching from and provides the functionality to control the technology in the room and space for lesson specific material. The concept of the Touchdown point encourages the teacher to move around the classroom, which fosters flexible, collaborative learning.

The Touchdown point offers variations in the storage functionality depending on the spaces it was to be installed into.

At a minimum, it offers 3RU racking space for AV equipment and micro PC within a secure enclosure and benchtop space for a monitor arm and a flush mounted battery charger holder.

It can be mounted against a wall or built with column and base and positioned against the wall.

Touchdown Point on display at Integrate 2019