Podion Global, an esteemed Australian company.

For over 35 years, Podion has been a trusted global supplier of superior AV podium lecterns, multimedia lecterns, and technology-enabled furniture for the education, government, and corporate sectors.

Our lecterns seamlessly integrate with audio-visual and information technology, ensuring clear communication in auditoriums, lecture halls, classrooms, training rooms, at conferences, trade shows, events, and seminars.

Explore our range of lecterns, in-stock, ready for quick-ship, or choose customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a standard lectern or a bespoke design, our expertise ensures we can tailor to your functional and styling requirements.

Our friendly team collaborates closely with audio-visual teams and architects to create renders and prototypes for specialized technical furniture solutions.

We manage projects of all sizes, from conference centres to large university campuses, always within budget. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail make us a trusted partner for universities, schools, offices, or other building projects.

Metal podium lecterrn with built-in AV, wheels, shipped fully assembled.
Trusted worldwide by leading Educational and Professional Organizations.
What makes our AV lecterns special?
They offer superior modern style, ergonomics, comfort, durability, quality and innovation.


Our podium lecterns feature integrated AV/IT connectivity, electric height adjustment, wheels for portability, logos and digital signage, and a plethora of custom options.


Our multimedia lecterns exceed university selection criteria worldwide. Explore a variety of sizes and styles tailored for classrooms, lecture theatres, auditoriums, and modern learning spaces.


Freestanding or mounted against the wall, these lecterns enable teachers to easily manage room technology, while simultaneously engaging with students.

In stock. Ready to ship. Get your MIMI AV Lectern

You receive a fully assembled podium AV lectern, complete with built-in shock mounts, so you can start your presentations from the moment it arrives at your doorstep. A complimentary storage cover keeps dust off the lectern when not in use. Buy now!



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Podion services many sectors
We also handle projects of all sizes. From conference centers needing an off-the-shelf podium lectern, to fitting out a multi-location university campus with custom tech enabled furniture solutions.


Our technical furniture exceeds the strict selection criteria of universities because we design with all users in mind. With smart AV integration, educators can easily control room technology. Plus AV integrators can service equipment effortlessly, without compromising security.

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At Podion, we collaborate closely with AV consultants to create innovative AV lecterns and technical furniture fit-outs. We are proud to be the preferred, and endorsed, specialist furniture supplier for many university project tender submissions.

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We can manufacture to your exact specification. Or we can merge technology into a custom solution that fits your vision and budget. For your university, school, office or other building projects.

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We have lecterns in-stock for immediate dispatch to suit all professional presentation spaces. Our podium lecterns are used for conferences, seminars, networking events, product launches to graduations, award ceremonies and trade shows.

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Professional lecterns, with custom logo panels, for auditoriums, theatrettes and formal venues, for all levels of Government.

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