Touchdown Points / Workstations
Enable educators to quickly “touchdown” to control room technology, while interacting with students.
Popular in university settings, where it supports dynamic teaching methods and active learning environments.
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Versatile Sizes for Every Setting

Whether you need a teachers workstation for a small classroom or a larger training room with greater  technology requirements, our range has you covered. Available in a variety of storage sizes (4 – 19RU rack space) and worktop sizes (standard & custom sizes available), there’s a perfect configuration for every setting.

Seamless AV/IT Integration

Innovative features such as slide-out trays, detachable access panels, drop down cover panels, removable worktops and covers provide 360-degree accessibility to equipment, allowing AV teams to install and service with ease.

Smart Storage Solutions

Rack-mounted enclosures, secured with keyed or combination locks, and organized cable management systems, provide ample storage for equipment. Natural convection cooling ensure equipment runs smoothly, even during extended sessions.

Height Adjustable

Designed with user comfort in mind, these touchdown points feature electric height adjustment and wheelchair-friendly configurations, allowing presenters of all heights and abilities to use them comfortably.

User Friendly Worktops

Worktop have provisions for a monitor arm, wireless microphone system, desk mounts and other working peripherals, facilitating quick and efficient use. A metal rail strip to prevent items from sliding off. Custom worktop sizes and cutouts available for your exact needs.

Robust Construction

Built from high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum, and MDF, our teacher workstations are designed to withstand heavy use while maintaining a sleek, professional appearance.