Wheelchair Accessible Lecterns
Ensuring equal access for users with mobility impairments in any educational or professional setting.
Available in various sizes, our multimedia wheelchair lecterns are perfect for any space, from small training rooms to large lecture theatres and auditoriums.

With seamless AV&IT integration, adjustable height, wheelchair-friendly design, and easy-to-reach technology, they’re the perfect solution for inclusive presentations.

Personalize with colors, finishes, logos, and add-ons to match your branding and functional needs.

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Versatile Sizes For All Settings

From classrooms to auditoriums, our lecterns fit perfectly in any environment. With storage sizes ranging from 6-16U and worktop sizes from 950-1500mm, you’ll find the ideal match for your space.

Seamless AV & IT Integration

Enjoy seamless AV & IT integration with 360° accessibility. Our lecterns feature removable racks, slide-out trays, and detachable access panels, making installation and maintenance straightforward and efficient for AV teams.

Smart Storage Solutions

Secure your AV equipment with our rack-mounted enclosures, complete with keyed or combination locks. Our cable management systems keep everything organized, and natural convection cooling maintains optimal performance during long sessions.

Height Adjustable

Our lecterns adapt to users of all heights with convenient sit/stand height adjustment. The worktop and rack-mounted equipment rise and lower at the push of a button, ensuring maximum comfort and usability.

Wheelchair Friendly

Our lecterns offer generous inside clearance, making wheelchair entry and exit smooth and hassle-free. Combined with electric height adjustment and spacious curved worktops, these lecterns provide a comfortable and functional experience for all users.

Superior Build Quality

Crafted from premium materials like steel, aluminum, and MDF, our lecterns are built to last. They withstand heavy use while maintaining a sleek, professional look, ensuring they remain a valuable part of your setup for years to come.


Add your Brand

Print your logo or add digital signage to the front.


Select your Finish

Custom colours and vinyl wraps available upon request.


Add Enhancements

Accessories and versatile add-ons.


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We can Quick Ship to meet urgent or immediate needs.