Lecterns for audio-visual companies

Innovative solutions for your clients

Technology is driving the way future generations contribute, learn and share knowledge.

Education institutions are increasingly turning to audio visual technology to better prepare and engage students.

Modern learning environments that foster stimulating, interactive and immersive content are quickly becoming the norm.

Corporations are demanding powerful integrated solutions that deliver multimedia presentations for:

  • large teams,
  • whole-of-business events,
  • in addition to training rooms that effectively engage their audience.

Audio-visual companies must deliver;

  • professional audio-visual,
  • collaboration, and
  • unified communications solutions

that meet the needs of their clients now and into the future.

Let us help you

Podion has expertise in collaborating with AV companies to deliver the optimal presentation solutions for wherever people come together.

We can work with you for the single class-room requiring basic projection and presentation systems, through to a multi-location campus that requires comprehensive lectern systems.

Our lecterns support

Integrators, educators and learners
and the way they engage with cutting edge audio-visual technology.


Integrators find our intelligent designs facilitate the efficient installation and maintenance of integrated systems and audio-visual technologies.


Presenters, both standing and those in a wheelchair, find themselves interacting naturally and seamlessly with digital content while instructing.


Learners finds themselves immersed in stimulating, dynamic and relevant digital content.

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