Podium Lectern | POD-X

Ideal for ideal for hotels, auditoriums, training facilities, classrooms, conference rooms, seminar rooms, lecture theatres, boardrooms & houses of worship.

Made from strong, lightweight aluminium, POD-X is tough enough to withstand heavy daily use and light enough to be easily portable. So easy to use, it delivers “plug-n-go” connectivity and can be customized to suit your branding and venue requirements.


POD-X has built-in capabilities that makes presentations a breeze. Just connect your external device to the input panels for instant integration with your presentation equipment. Charging sockets ensures your external devices never run out of power.

Maximum comfort

The benchtop provides ample room to spread your presentation material. The inclined surface with metal rail stop prevents your items from sliding off. Enjoy the convenience of a cup holder located within easy reach on the column.

Electric height adjustment

Simply push a button to quickly and silently, raise or lower the height of the lectern to your most comfortable height.


POD-X weighs only 27.2kgs (60lbs). Its lightweight combined with its intuitively designed base with built-in wheels makes it effortless to push on or off a stage and from venue to venue.

Easy storage

Once you have rolled the POD-X into storage, lower its height to 785mm to reduces the space it takes up in storage.

Worldwide shipping

Fits into a compact box (820mmH x 6600mmW x 570mmD) for economical shipping worldwide.

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Add your logo

Promote your company by adding your logo to the logo panel. Select from a range of logo applications including:

  • Acrylic print
  • Vinyl print
  • 3D laser cut

The curved logo panel is fully interchangeable as it simply attaches to the column with magnets. Additional logo panels can be ordered separately.

An LED illumination strip, discretely built into the lectern, highlights your logo to your audience. A switch on the upper input panel gives you full control to turn this lighting on or off as you please.

Select your colours and finish

Available for immediate delivery in:

  • Black matte powder-coat finish
  • White with a black base and benchtop, in a matte-powder coat finish.

Custom colours, a gloss finish and timber wrap available upon request.

Tech spec

Weight 27.2kgs (60lb)
Logo panel S
Interchangeable logo panels O
18″ HD display monitor on front panel O
For the presenter
Benchtop size 550mmW
Electric height adjustment 785-1085mm (31-42in)
Single cup holder n/a
Metal rail support S
Upper input panel USB plug, power point & space for additional inputs
Lower input panel 2 XLR for microphone, power point
Wheels 2
For the integrator
Smart cable management S
Removable column cover S
Custom benchtop cut outs O
Branding options
Logo on front panel O
Interchangeable logo panels n/a
Custom colors O
Timber wrap around panel O

Product key: S = Standard, O = Optional, n/a = Not available


  • An 18″ HD display monitor (with software included) can be bolted on easily to create powerful digital signage solutions
  • Dual microphones to generate brilliant sound
  • Single microphone and LED light